February 18, 2021

Chicago Federation of Labor Statement on the Resignation of Longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan


Feb. 18, 2021

Contact: Jake Lewis




Chicago Federation of Labor Statement on the Resignation of Longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan


CHICAGO – Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter released the following statement regarding the resignation of Michael J. Madigan from the Illinois House of Representatives:


“Speaker Michael J. Madigan has been a steadfast, dedicated, and courageous champion of workers and their families in Illinois for a generation. His leadership in the fight for collective bargaining rights and worker protections in the state of Illinois spans more than five decades. In that time, Speaker Madigan partnered with labor on countless pieces of legislation to protect workers and protect the middle-class, keeping Illinois a strong pro-union state while many of our neighboring states joined the race to the bottom.


“Under Speaker Madigan’s leadership, the Illinois General Assembly enacted sweeping ethics reform laws, the first campaign finance limits in state history, equal pay requirements for women, landmark education funding reform, health care protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions, minimum wage increases, and many more pieces of vital legislation to move Illinois forward. He led the charge for increased infrastructure investment that has resulted in countless Illinoisans receiving a decent paycheck and benefits while building the foundation of our state.


“Speaker Madigan served alongside seven different governors, finding common ground and moving our state forward by working in a bipartisan way with lawmakers from across the political spectrum. However, he never compromised on his core values and he stood strong for four years against the attacks of former Gov. Bruce Rauner, the most fervent anti-union ideologue Illinois has ever seen.


“Speaker Madigan never forgot the constituents he served nor did he lose sight of the needs of working families in Illinois. His leadership and partnership will be missed, and we wish him and his entire family well as he begins the next chapter in his life.”