April 18, 2018

Teaching Collective Bargaining to the Younger Generation

Teaching Collective Bargaining to the Younger Generation

The DePaul University Labor Education Center’s Regina V. Polk High School Collective Bargaining Role Play program was featured in the April 2, 2018, issue of The Nation. The article, titled “Teaching Class Solidarity: A growing movement is finding creative ways to educate teens about economic justice,” by Caroline Preston, describes the collective-bargaining simulation the Labor Education Center ran at 10 high schools.

The article describes how the Center is part of efforts to educate high school students about unions and collective bargaining. In this program, Center staff, union staff and members, worker center staff and members, and teachers coach high schoolers on either management or union teams as they negotiate with each other for a contract at a fictional hospital. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service staff also attend and help teams through mediation as needed, adding to the realistic collective bargaining experience.

Anyone interested in setting up a session in their area or coaching with the program should contact Dr. Jessica Cook, Director of the Labor Education Center, at jcook18@depaul.edu.

To read the article in The Nation, visit https://www.thenation.com/article/teaching-class-solidarity/.